A family-owned and managed company

Tradition meets innovation
Looking for a service provider for a collaborative partnership?

We are a medium-sized, family-owned and managed company with a tradition stretching back over 200 years. Now under the management of the family’s seventh generation, our company radiates pride and grace while still always remaining fresh. This approach has enabled us to grow with the market and continue our development in line with our customers’ needs. And our customers’ needs are something we take very seriously. We know that there are many ways to achieve this goal. And it is often the details that make all the difference: expert advice, prompt order delivery, friendly customer service staff and an easy-to-navigate online shop. But most important of all is good customer communication. Our projects thrive on an exchange of views, and on our ability to listen and understand. We help you to actively strengthen your brand among your customers, increase sales and boost customer loyalty.

Data privacy and sustainability are becoming key issues for companies and customers alike. We take this into account, and invite central agencies and our customers to audit us regularly based on their own criteria.

We also have four different sites, so we are always close at hand for you. Direct and personal, innovative and sustainable, flexible and solution-oriented in every channel – we give your customer relationships that crucial added value and help you make full use of your potential.