Powerful cards that ensure customer loyalty.

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Custom card solutions

It’s been 60 years since the first card was introduced – and it’s still going strong, as a symbol of value and monetary transactions.

Besides the ones we use for conventional payment transactions, cards now are also used as customer cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, ID cards and service cards. Even the format has evolved. A range of special formats and stamping options are now available alongside the traditional ones.

With our comprehensive expertise, we’ve got every aspect of card production covered. Our range of services extends from the production itself to personalisation, fulfilment, logistics and shipping. We use cutting-edge technology to produce your cards. This saves you time so you can start using them as soon as possible. In addition to card production, we offer a range of modern and creative packaging options.

Check out our Card solutions lookbook to find out all about customer loyalty and customer/gift cards.


  • Mailshots
  • Self-mailers
  • Full-colour digital printing
  • Inkjet personalisation/customisation
  • Print-on-demand production
  • Modern folding, perforation, picking and enveloping technology
  • Manual picking and enveloping of multi-part personalised elements
  • Response elements, personalised URLs, geocoding, QR and image codes
  • Colour management for a uniform presentation
  • Fast turnaround on large shipping jobs


  • Voucher cards, loyalty cards, etc.
  • Layout development, card personalisation, card production
  • Digital production
  • Card management
  • Material selection (PVC, wood, grass, cardboard, PET-G, various plastics)
  • Finishes (scratch panels, hot stamping, holograms)
  • POS, card logistics, shipping
  • Packaging (with effects, special packaging, POS packaging)

Loyalty Solutions

  • Strategic and design advice on customer campaigns 
  • Set-up and implementation of customer campaigns
  • New customer acquisition for B2B and B2C (customer structure analysis and profiling, target audience marketing, communication channels, marketing materials production, response management)
  • Customer activation (concept and set-up for your communication cycle, definition of contact channels: online and offline)
  • Customer loyalty (development and implementation of customer loyalty programmes, data warehouse)


  • Highly customised and personalised customer communication (online/offline)
  • Data-driven full customisation in images, white papers, variable voucher sizes, highly personalised imagery
  • Both small and large print runs available
  • Highly customised and personalised production of self-mailers and direct mailshots, flyers and brochures, transaction and billing prints, and payment records
  • Personalisation (thermo-transfer printing, multicolour options, embossing, laser engraving, inkjet POD)
  • Coding (RFID, magnetic strips, chips, barcodes)

million mailshots p.a.


million gift and customer loyalty cards p.a.


million welcome packs p.a.